We creatively push boundaries of giving
by transforming barriers & investing in Mainers through 1,000 little solutions

Our Solution Investment Program fosters our belief that at some point in all of our lives we will be a receiver and a giver of a much-needed boost.

At our inception in 2016, our founders, Reade and Martha Brower of Camden, ME provided one-time financial lifts to people who needed a small amount of money to get back on their feet. Through trial & error as well as learning about evidence-based research from Communications Across Barriers, we realized the power a 1,000 little solutions create ripples & changes lives.

Most charities have strict funding guidelines & can assist people only for reactive crisis issues – At OCMV we focus on proactive gap solutions to prevent an issue turning into a crisis – grantees pay it forward through self-selected volunteerism




issues relate to employment, youth aspirations, senior independent living, transportation, and well-being


Our 20 partners submit applications


Hand up, rather than an handout


We help prevent temporary barriers turn into self-confidence or well-being crisis -when no other resources are available.


A person-facing a barrier that could snowball into a bigger problem


Pay it forward through self-selected volunteerism

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