50,000 Simple Acts of Kindness

We believe every act of kindness, no matter how small, has the potential to create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the initial encounter.

Our Mission

One Community Many Voices (OCMV) is a 501c3 charity, located in Rockland, Maine.

Our mission is to look out for others through a network of like-minded people who carry out simple acts of kindness.

Every act of kindness, no matter how small, has the potential to create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the initial encounter.

These acts can be seen in fellow Mainers’ hearts and mindsets. It’s a powerful transformation to witness, and often we wonder who benefits more – the recipient or the one being kind.

Simple Acts of Kindness


Percent of Goal

Our Impact

Why Simple Acts of Kindness?

A simple act of kindness allows an individual to be seen. When an individual feels he/she matters, self-confidence increases, and he/she is better equipped to face challenges.

Since 2017, we have quietly carried out roughly 2,500 acts of kindness and the majority of recipients have continued the ripple by performing an estimated 3,702 acts themselves.

Some acts require little effort, like providing a phone number to a recently  widowed, 84  year old man, so he can call with questions about how to use home appliances. Other acts require a few hundred dollars. 


The Impact of Picking a Lane

Determine what to stand for, invest in that, and allow other people to take responsibility for other problems. Easier said than done.

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photo portrait of a passer-by man gives food and money to homeless man

Help Us Reach 50,000 Acts of Kindness Goal!

 The best way to increase the number of simple acts of kindness being carried out in the Midcoast is to offer a way for others to join us. In  collaboration with MaineStay Media and several community partners, OCMV is launching a call to action. We would like to have 50,000 reported acts of kindness be carried out by the end of 2024. 

To keep this fresh in your minds and tugging on your hearts, we shall showcase selected acts of kindness stories and opportunities in various media outlets. We are seeking your assistance by sharing your stories of either carrying out or being a recipient of kindness. 

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