One Community Many Voices was established in 2016, after listening to agencies and providers that identified gaps and needs for helping people in Midcoast Maine. We creatively push boundaries of giving by transforming barriers and investing in Mainers through 1,000 little solutions.

One Community Many Voices derives from several “what if” conversations amongst community leaders

What if
We could create a way for acts of kindness to be easy to accomplish and contagious? What if, instead of getting bogged down in protocol and bureaucracy, we streamlined – and developed a proactive-preventive system to help neighbors instead of relying on a crisis-reactive system?

What if
We could draw on our neighbors’ talents, resources, and connections to help fellow neighbors? And … what if we involved previous recipients in the process of paying it forward – allowing them to help someone else?


What we do

  • Invest in Mainers with funds, services, and affirmations
  • Quietly help Mainers transform barriers and inhibitions
  • Encourage self-selected volunteerism (Pass it on!)

Why we do what we do

  • Maine, where so many struggle to make ends meet.
  • Maine, where neighborly kindness authentically exists.
  • Maine, where 1,000 little solutions create ripples and change lives.

How we invest in Mainers

  • Solution Investment Program
  • High-Five Programs (high-five youth awards, celebrating families program, kindness ripple
    effect program)
  • I AM Affirmation Program
  • Races (Megunticook Tinman Triathlon, Megunticook 50k/Wicked Tough 10k, Ragged
    Mountain Scuttle)