Made in Maine Shop

Supporting Maine Makers while providing a hand up to Mainers in temporary need.




In order to expand OCMV’s work statewide and make it financially sustainable; the long term vision was to start some type of “for good” business. The expectations for the business was to support Maine businesses, create jobs, and produce enough revenue where all profits after taxes would go to OCMV.

In November of 2020, Made in Maine Shop was launched. This digital marketplace blends together the integrity of Maine media with Maine makers in order to create enough revenue to provide a hand up to fellow Mainers, who through self-selected volunteerism use their skills in their community for good. This truly is a win-win for keeping Maine strong.

Maine is renowned for its diverse, quality craftsmanship. Maine Makers are often multi-generational and use techniques and skills passed down through generations in order to produce quality crafted products. Makers use wide variety of resources including; metals, wood, stone, plants, glass, and recycled materials. We are delighted to be constantly adding new products.

What makes our products a Made in Maine product?

We’re proud to be strengthening Maine businesses through selling their products. Maine Makers use various methods and a wide variety of materials to produce quality. As a result, we look at local products a little different than others when we say Made in Maine.

The products we offer are either designed or crafted in our home state of Maine. They can be either handmade or manufactured —whether it’s by a designer working with a team or a single artist creating each piece.

 For us, all of these types of Maine markers craft quality products.