Megunticook Race Festival

Join us to celebrate the 41st year of this triathlon!


The Megunticook Race Festival builds on the history of the original Tinman and Maine Sport Triathlon, one of the longest-standing races in the U.S. 2020 marks the 41st year of the Triathlon. Repeatedly, participants have called it one of their favorite races and we do not want to let them down. Especially Parker Johnson, who has raced in all 40 previous years – we will not let him lose his streak.

The Megunticook Race Festival is organized by a group of dedicated and passionate local volunteers and supported through local business sponsorship.

LOCATION: Barrett’s Cove, Public Beach 104, Beaucaire Ave., Camden, Maine


Olympic – Individual or Relay Teams

 Sprint – Individual or Relay Teams

Note: All distances are approximate, based on Map My Run. The course has NOT been officially measured.

Sprint, Sprint Relay, Olympic, and Olympic Relay Races 


1. PLEASE REVIEW THE COURSE BEFORE THE RACE!!!!! DRIVE THE COURSE!!!!! Some people got lost last year. It’s your responsibility to know the course. All intersections are marked with at least one sign, but you should still review the course before the race. We HIGHLY recommend you drive the course ahead of time.

2. Wetsuits are NOT REQUIRED. The water is above 70 degrees. Some athletes will choose to wear wetsuits – that is fine. But you don’t have to.

3. Since we won’t be able to have water stations this year please make sure you bring plenty of water and carry your own water bottle while racing!

4. Have fun and BE PROUD! You’re racing in one of the longest standing triathlons in the world!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Warning- limited parking. Please use common sense. This is a local, community event during a busy time of year. Let’s not get a bad reputation for the race.

NO PARKING areas include:

Lake side of Beaucaire Ave & Beaucaire between Route 52 and transition
Lake side of Route 52
Barrett’s Cove parking lot – that is the transition area
Megunticook Lake Boat Ramp parking lot – this is reserved for vehicles with boat trailers, please respect that!

Recommend Parking Areas:

Trail head parking lot for Maiden’s Cliff

Even better, PLEASE CONSIDER CARPOOLING WITH FRIENDS, biking over, or parking at a friend’s house that is nearby! Park at the Camden Snow Bowl and ride your bike over to the race venue as a warm up!

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