Kindness is a simple concept yet so powerful. It is a gift that keeps on giving. It has the power to improve one’s own well-being as well as that of strangers, coworkers, and families. Random acts of kindness are life-altering.

Remember an experience when someone did something kind for you. A door being held open, an unexpected compliment or smile from a stranger, someone treating you to a coffee. A simple act of kindness is enough to change someone’s day or even life for the better.

Our High Five Programs foster our belief that Kindness is Strength

Pick Me Up Cards – When life is challenging, a reason to smile is important. In partnership with RSU#13 After School Program, we offer a program for youth to help others smile. An individual can nominate someone who could use a pick me up card. Cards are handmade by the students and OCMV handles all mailing.

Adult Education Graduation Gift Bags – We partner with all Adult Education Programs in Knox County to provide graduation gift bags to all adult education graduates.

KINDNESS RIPPLE EFFECT PROGRAM – Through our Pass It On! ( change to Keep the ripple going) tokens we encourage others to be a ripple of kindness in our community and state.