One Community Many Voices

creatively push boundaries of giving by transforming barriers and investing in Mainers through 1,000 little solutions

What we do:

  • Invest in Mainers with funds, services, and affirmations

  • Quietly help Mainers transform barriers and inhibitions

  • Encourage self-selected volunteerism (Pass it on!)

Why we do what we do:

  • Maine, where so many struggle to make ends meet

  • Maine, where neighborly kindness authentically exists

  • Maine, where 1,000 little solutions create ripples and change lives

The beauty and boldness of Maine’s landscape hides the reality that life is harsh and the majority of Maine families struggle to survive. Maine is also a place where neighborly kindness is part of our culture and heritage. People who want to help others often don’t know where to turn.
One Community Many Voices is where to turn.
Whether it’s strengthening the self-esteem of at risk youth through our High Five Program, offering to copay a car repair so a single mom can remain employed & mobile through our Solution Investment Program, or providing a card and a homecooked meal to an elderly neighbor that recently lost his wife of 65 years through our Kindness Ripple Effect Program – One Community Many Voices connects our neighbors together to find solutions to prevent a temporary barriers turn into a financial, self-confidence, or well-being crisis when no other resources are available. Recipients pay it forward with self-selected volunteerism. We work with numerous partners to connect our supporter’s generosity with the people and organizations who are effectively creating solutions.
Hence our name – One Community Many Voices!

One Community Many Voices

assisting funding derives from 3 annual races and crowd-sourced giving.
Many of the barriers can be resolved with a few hundred dollars, and most contributors give a maximum of $25.
Operational costs are covered by our founders
Reade and Martha Brower.