What We Do

We provide proactive funding solutions to prevent a temporary barrier turning into a financial, self-confidence, or well-being crisis when no other resources are available. The barriers we focus on relate to: youth aspirations, senior independent living, well-being, transportation, and employment/skill development. In return, recipients are expected to pass the good deed forward through self-selected volunteerism.


We developed a model called The Art of Good Fellowship – Paying it Forward One Neighbor at a Time. It’s a hybrid of the Pay It Forward and the Good Neighboring movements. OCMV works with our Organization Partners to meet people where they are at and works with individuals and families to achieve a dream or overcome a temporary barrier in order to regain financial sustainability, self-confidence, and/or a healthy lifestyle.


The self-selected volunteerism component allows people the ability to give back to their community by using their skills and knowledge.

OCMV helped me buy tires so I could continue to work and attend night classes. By allowing me to pay it forward – I didn’t feel ashamed or needy but rather relieved. I needed help with buying tires and they needed me to help someone else in the community. It was a win win and left me feeling like a community giver not taker.  – Cindy, 2018 Recipient


Other examples:



A single mom received a laptop to finish her GED online. Created a study group with free babysitting so 3 other single moms could also earn GEDs.
Power Outage Emergency Lights for Meals On Wheels Recipients Stuffed 350 goodie bags for OCMV’s Ragged Mountain Scuttle event
Car repair Offered to provide chair massages at Megunticook Race Festival
Numerous people have wanted to give back to other local charities Volunteered at local animal shelters, food pantries, elder services, soup kitchen etc

mom and daughter

Our work is loosely based upon other community models in Washington County and Waterville, ME. The purpose of this work is to be proactive and provide a small boost to help an individual/family unlock their own skills and potentials, to create possibilities. If left unfunded, these barriers will disrupt an individual/family’s ability to regain financial sustainability, self-confidence, or a healthy lifestyle.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Application at this time must be submitted through either: Hospitality House, MCH, Rockland or Waldoboro Police Departments, Trekkers, PenBay YMCA, Youthlinks, Knox County Community Health Partners, Knox County Health Clinic, or Preble St Knox County Veteran Program.
  • An applicant must possess a can do kind of attitude.
  • An applicant must complete a pay it forward volunteer service.
  • Have no other means of completing funding to resolve the barrier.

***PLEASE NOTE: OCMV Funds are not an alternative to seek funding for what social service organizations already fund i.e. housing, emergency, heat, or general assistance needs.***

Funding Can Be Sought For 

Employment/ Skill Building: Assist with costs for items that enhance chances of advancement or secure employment. Examples: work clothes, protection gear, certificate training, fixing an unreliable vehicle.

Well-being: Assist with treating physical accommodations that prevent achieving employment or healthy lifestyle such as: dentistry, hearing aids, glasses, canes, or wigs.

Independent Living: Assist seniors and disabled veterans with items that allow for independent living.

Youth: Assist youth with needs to strengthen learning, aspirations, or personal growth.

Lift: Assist individuals or families who face an unexpected financial crisis such as: house fire or an accident.

Application Processgram and granddaughtr

As applications come in, a predetermined number of application needs will be forwarded monthly to our e-newsletter partners to see if any community providers or individuals would like to contribute to solving the situation as presented. Applications will be handled in a timely manner. Submission of an application does not in any manner guarantee that funding or a solution will be provided.