What We Do

One Community Many Voices (OCMV), operates and helps people through a system we developed called The Art of Good Fellowship – Paying it Forward One Neighbor at a Time. It’s a hybrid of the Pay It Forward and Good Neighboring movements. Funding is provided through the People to People Fund, grants, and fundraising events.

Based on the findings of really smart people, good acts – like acts of kindness, generosity, and cooperation – are contagious.* OCMV believes many setbacks can be resolved by aiding one neighbor at a time.


OUR FOCUS – OCMV provides proactive solutions to prevent a temporary barrier turning into a financial, self-confidence, or well-being crisis when no other resources are available. In return, recipients pass the good deed forward through self-selected volunteerism. Barriers include:

  •  Youth aspirations
  • Senior independent living
  • Well-being
  • Transportation to keep families mobile and employed
  • Employment/skill development

WHO & WHY WE SERVE – OCMV was established in 2016, after listening to social service providers that identified gaps and needs for helping people in Midcoast Maine. Often times, these providers are forced to turn people away until they become homeless, jobless, or confronted with a serious health crisis due to their funding restrictions. OCMV provides an outlet for these providers to turn to, to help people before they reach a crisis point.

OCMV provides a vital service for an underserved/forgotten demographic. The demographic we mostly serve is hardworking individuals or families living paycheck to paycheck. As more individuals/families live paycheck to paycheck, it becomes financially and emotionally challenging to be proactive and resolve a temporary barrier before it becomes a crisis.

Our organization provides more than gap funding to prevent a temporary barrier turning into a financial, self-confidence, or well-being crisis. We provide an alternative for people to use their skills, abilities, and knowledge to personally overcome a barrier blocking their potential verses giving a “handout,” empowering them through their self-selective volunteering.

PROCESS OF HELPING – OCMV currently collaborates with roughly 11 community partner agencies and 70 businesses in Knox County to pull resources together. Our community partner agencies are responsible for screening and submitting applications for individuals to OCMV.  The OCMV “People to People Fund” committee reviews an application within a few hours and determines if OCMV can provide a solution. If a solution is achievable, OCMV works with its local business partners, agency partner, and the individual/family to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. NO RED TAPE, swift action is how we operate.

***PLEASE NOTE: OCMV Funds are not an alternative to seek funding for what social service organizations already fund i.e. housing, emergency, heat, or general assistance needs.***

Funding Can Be Sought For 

Employment/ Skill Building: Assist with costs for items that enhance chances of advancement or secure employment. Examples: work clothes, protection gear, certificate training, fixing an unreliable vehicle.

Well-being: Assist with treating physical accommodations that prevent achieving employment or healthy lifestyle such as: dentistry, hearing aids, glasses, canes, or wigs.

Independent Living: Assist seniors and disabled veterans with items that allow for independent living.

Youth: Assist youth with needs to strengthen learning, aspirations, or personal growth.

Lift: Assist individuals or families who face an unexpected financial crisis such as: house fire or an accident.

 * In the March 2010 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from the University of California-San Diego and Harvard University cite findings that cooperative behavior is contagious.