100+ Women Who Care- Knox County

A Big Impact In a Little Amount of Time

The purpose of the group is to find local women to each contribute $50 – four times a year through either an individual or pooled membership to annually give to nonprofits that work in Knox County and the communities of Waldoboro and Lincolnville.

2018 GOAL – $20,000 to Knox County Nonprofits


About Us/ The Concept

We are an informal group of women who love Knox County and the communities of Waldoboro and Lincolnville but are very busy.  The goal of the group is to support the work that our local nonprofits do in funds, exposure, and awareness in a minimal amount of time.  Inspired by other 100+ Women Who Care (WWC) chapters around the US and Canada; we have created a local philanthropic group of women from all walks of life, teaming together to have fun while giving back.

How Does It Work

* Four (4) times per year members show up with a blank check in hand to give.

* At each meeting: any member if she wishes – can nominate a pre-approved nonprofit she personally wants to speak about- if selected to speak.

* Only 3 members’ names are randomly drawn at the beginning of each meeting to speak about a nonprofit.

* The 3 random members selected each speaks no longer than 5-minutes about her nonprofit (No power points or handouts etc – just talking from the heart). There is a brief Q&A after all 3 speak.

*After the 3 presentations: all present members secretly vote via ballots on which nonprofit to support. Each membership receives 1 vote whether registered as single or pooled (i.e. pooled must decide together and submit 1 ballot collectively). There is no proxy voting.

*The nonprofit with the most votes receives all the checks. Checks are made out to that nonprofit on the spot.

*All the checks are collected by the Steering Committee and given to the selected charity within two (2) weeks of the meeting. The member who nominated the recipient charity will be asked to participate in the BIG GIVE.

*The selected charity is then invited back to the next meeting to share about the impact the donations have made.

Nonprofit Eligibility and Nomination Form

To review the nonprofit eligibility or to submit a nomination form. Click here

It’s fast, simple, and effective

Join Us

Becoming a member means you are making a cto 100+ Women Who Care – Knox County to make an annual donation of $200 ($50 per quarter) to local 501(c)3 charities serving Knox County and the communities of Waldoboro and Lincolnville. You can either become an individual or pooled member. An individual member – personally contributes $50 per meeting and has 1 vote. A pooled member is two people collectively contributing $50 per meeting and has 1 collective vote. Please understand that even if you did not vote for the selected charity, you still need to fulfill your donation commitment. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you will either give your check to another member to deliver to the meeting on your behalf, or will mail your check after the meeting.  To become a member simply fill out the form below.

2018 Meetings

Last Wednesday of the Month (February 28th, May 30th, August 29th, November 28th)

Location: 16 Bay View Hotel (16 Bay View Street, Camden) *NEW LOCATION*

Basic Meeting Agenda/Schedule:

*5:45-6:30pm – Registration and networking (include appetizers and drinks)

*6:30-7:30pm – Meeting: Welcome, Presentations, Voting, and Charity Selection (while votes are being counted: charity selected at previous meeting will provide an update).

Click here for a pdf copy of the basic concept.

Please feel free to attend any meeting as a guest. If, while you’re at the meeting, you would like to donate to the selected charity you are welcome to do so. However, you must be a member to vote. Individuals must have a completed Membership and Commitment Form on file prior to nominating a charity.